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K9 Manikin

K9 Canine Manikin

Reusable, Realistic K9 Service Dog Manikin

The first of its kind in the world of emergency scenario training, announcing the latest addition to the best-selling ITTS line of tactical operations manikins, the K9.

K9 is a wirelessly controlled canine manikin that replicates the popular Belgian Malinois breed of service dog, and facilitates canine emergency medical care by simulating the common traumatic injuries these dogs experience.

Weighing approximately 70 pounds, the K9 manikin barks, bleeds, and breathes just like the real thing. When your valuable service dog is threatened, you'll be prepared.

Features of the K9 Canine Manikin
  • Industry Leading Durability
  • Realistic 70-pound Design
  • Easy Set-up
  • Rapid Reset
  • Low Maintenance
  • Barks Bleeds, and Breathes
  • Controlled by a single ITTS operating unit

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K9 Jump

Accurately designed to replicate service dogs that parachute with their handlers.

Dog Handlers go through special training in order to make the jump with their canine partners. Now you can train and prepare for the real thing with K9 Jump at your convenience.

With ITTS Jump K9 the handlers can get use to training for free fall with K9’s. Jump K9 can also be used to train for rappelling, and confined space scenarios.

The durable built K9 Jump is built with a silicone body covered in faux fur with no internal components to allow use in any environment or scenario.