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Professional Tactical Training Equipment

ITTS specializes in the design and development of effective tactical training simulation equipment for military, law enforcement, and medical organizations. Our primary consideration is to create products with such attention to detail that they add unparalleled realism in creating the combat training environment. ITTS focuses on creating simulations that provide actual combat stress in a training environment while leveraging technology to integrate our various simulation tools to create a comprehensive training experience.

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  • Fire & Emergency Services Tailored Logistics Solutions (FES TLS)
  • ECAT / DLA
  • GSA
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Tactical Training Services

We offer tactical training products and services to all branches of military, state and local police and EMS, and private security.

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Since 2008, we've been providing realistic training equipment and simulations to military, emergency, and security customers around the country. Our training sessions are an effective and affordable way to prepare your team.